10.3.4 Update (December 1, 2023)

Print your invoice reminders, include void transactions and write-offs in the Client-Matter Ledger report, and more.


The Invoice Reminder(s) screen now gives you the option to send your overdue invoice reminders by email, or print them.


You can select only one option at a time.

Client-Matter Ledger Report

If you have checked the box for Invoices and for Trust or Operating (General), the Client-Matter Ledger report now includes void transactions and any write-off associated with the invoice for the selected matter.


  • You can enter an amount higher than 1 million in the amount field in AP bill, 3rd party bills, Transactions, Journal Entry.
  • The Billed/Collected Tax report under Reports > Tax Collection/Payments willdisplay any write-off applied to an invoice for fee, expense, and tax.
  • When user edits a deposit slip, the settings will NOT default to Combine Check/Wire/ACH Payments. User will be able to view the selection made while creating the deposit slip. 
  • User will not experience delay in accessing matter document folder when using CosmoLex Native Storage.
  • User will be able to view the correct event results in the calendar list view for selected users for events that have multiple users as attendees.
  • User will be able to associate labels to emails from Activity or Matters email page.
  • User will be able to select a specific invoice and amount while making a  payment using existing Trust Retainer without getting a job failed error.
  • User will not need to select a billing status while tagging an email using the Outlook Add-in.
  • User will be able to filter invoices using a custom filter when navigating to Activities > Invoices, and Activities > Invoices > Create Invoice.
  • User will no longer view NaN in the total amount field in classes area while adding AP bill and Banking Transactions if the transaction/bill/credit total amount is zero.
  • When printing checks using Voucher Format 3, the Payee name and Address 1 will be printed in separate lines.
  • The Fixed Fee Billing Reconciliation Report will include matters that have unbilled fixed fee matters with an open date in the selected range.
Updated on December 19, 2023

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