10.2.6 Update (October 27, 2023)

Make negative soft cost entries, enter up to 10,000 characters in the description field, and more.


Negative Soft Cost Expense

When users have already billed their client for an expense and later determine that the charge was made in error or that it was more than the actual cost, they can apply the disbursement to the next bill of the client as a negative soft cost entry instead of making changes to the existing invoice.

Description Field

Any description field (e.g. Timecard, Expense Card, Invoice, Task, Notes, Events, Shorthand) within the application now gives users the ability to enter up to 10,000 characters.


  • For a matter that has two or more associated trust banks, if a user creates a trust transaction from Accounting > Bank, the trust bank that the user selects will display as the primary trust bank.
  • When a user prints deposit summary from the Matter or Banking tab, the Sub Account number will display information added under Matter > Settings > Billing > Sub-account number.
  • User will not experience any error when running the following reports:
      • Billing By Matter Owner
      • Collection By Matter Owner
      • Billed Fee Allocation
      • Collected Fee Allocation
  • User will be able to view a matter’s details when navigating to Matters > selecting a matter > Details.
  • When applying the Created By filter, user will see data based on the selected filter when:
      • Navigating to Activities > Time/Expense
      • After selecting a matter and navigating to Billing > Time/Expense
Updated on October 30, 2023

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