10.2.3 Update (October 6, 2023)

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We have fixed several issues this weekend.


  • User will no longer get an error when creating an AP Bill with any reference number.
  • User will no longer get an error when making changes to a matter which is enabled for eBilling.
  • User will be able to access documents using matter’s document tab on the CosmoLex mobile app for Android.
  • The entire Split billing screen and scroll bar will be visible even when user sets screen resolution at 1600 x 900 and maintains 100% zoom.
  • User will receive a prompt to exclude Client Name, Matter Name, Matter File# while printing deposit summary from the matter > Banking > Select Deposit Transaction, click Action.
  • User will be able to generate the Detailed Billed/Collected Taxes report using any date range without getting an error.
  • The invoice template merge field [#InvoiceTotalConvertedAmount#] will display total of Invoice Amount Multiplier (configured under Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings) x Invoice Amount.
  • The correct tooltip will display when a user navigates to Accounts > SMS and hovers over the Two-Way Texting tooltip. 
  • If a matter name is excessively long, only the first 76 characters of the matter name will be printed on a check to prevent an alignment issue. 
  • User will not experience delay when deleting transactions.
Updated on October 6, 2023

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