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User Newsletter – September 2020

What’s New

CosmoLex Improves Each Week in September

The month of September has been one of many enhancements and fixes to CosmoLex 7.0. With an update each week this month, we’ve improved in areas including Custom Field Exports, Control Account Enhancements, Partial Payments, and Reporting. Read more about each of our releases below.

September 6, 2020 – CosmoLex 7.0.3
September 13, 2020 – CosmoLex 7.0.4
September 20, 2020 – CosmoLex 7.0.5
September 26, 2020 – CosmoLex 7.0.6

Coming Soon

Outlook Add-on (October 2020)
We are very excited to be wrapping up the implementation of a CosmoLex Add-on for Outlook.

This add-on will simplify your email archival process by allowing you to tag an email directly from outlook with the following information:

  • Client-Matter name
  • Billing Status
  • Choose whether or not to bring attachments
With this add-on you can choose to disable automatic email forwarding within CosmoLex, avoiding unwanted emails to overcrowd your CosmoLex account.

CosmoLex User Resources

Productivity with CosmoLex

In September CosmoLex concentrated on Productivity and how you can leverage CosmoLex to increase and measure your firm’s Productivity. 

CosmoLex Spotlight

Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded

The end of the year is a great time for law firms to switch to CosmoLex! If you know a lawyer who needs to upgrade their practice management software before 2020 comes to an end, refer them now and you’ll get rewarded. 

Other Resources

Legal Accounting Guide eBook
Daily Training Classes
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LexLeader Loyalty Program
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Updated on January 13, 2021

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