7.0.5 Update (September 20, 2020)

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This past weekend’s update brought two fixes.

Bug Fixes

The update fixed these bugs:

  • A user applying partial credit card payment to one invoice and full payment to another no longer receives an error message:


Here’s a scenario which would have prompted this error prior to the fix:

Invoice 1 Total $200
Invoice 2 Total $50
Credit Card Payment

$100, with:

  • $50 partial payment applied to invoice 1
  • $50 full payment applied to invoice 2
  • Under Account > User > Add/Edit, we added Matter Billing Log to the Restrict Report visibility field’s column.

    Timekeepers with Matter Billing Log in the Allowed column can run the report for a selected matter via Billing > Time/Expense > Action > Report – Matter Billing Log


Updated on December 9, 2020

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