7.0.4 Update (September 13, 2020)

This past weekend’s updates include enhancements and fixes.

New Features/Enhancements

Control Account Warning

Customers making changes to their control accounts’ numbers or names will receive a warning symbol and message. 

The message will state they are changing a control account and they need to proceed with caution when changing its number or name.


Restrict Bank Visibility Grayed Out If Role Lacks Bank Permissions 

When adding or editing a user, the option to restrict bank visibility is now grayed out if the user’s role does not include bank permissions.


Global Fixes

Fixes included in this update:

  • The AP Detail Report now sorts by vendor when the Sort By Vendor option is chosen.
  • In Android mobile app version 1.4.9, the calendar tab now permits users to view calendar events. 
  • The system no longer produces an error when a user deletes a COA account associated with a future-dated recurring bill. Instead, it directs user to change the account status to inactive to proceed with the deletion.
  • Under Setup > Firm settings > Firm Preferences, the drop downs for default operating bank, default trust bank, default timekeeper, and default matter owner now permit users to set their default to Select if they prefer not to set a default for these fields.
  • Under Account > Edit User > Restrictions, users with no Allowed access can now log into their CosmoLex account.
  • The untagged email count within the matter inbox is now correct.
Updated on December 9, 2020

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