Reopen a Reconciliation Statement

Under rare circumstances, you may need to edit a transaction your firm either cleared or included on a closed reconciliation statement. To do so, you must reopen the statement.

You can reopen a reconciliation statement for any bank account type.

Reopen a Reconciliation Statement

To reopen a reconciliation statement:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Accounting.
  2. From the Accounting left navigation, click Bank.
  3. On the Bank screen, double-click the bank, or single-click it to highlight it, and then from the toolbar, click Details.
  4.  From the Banks left navigation, click Reconciliation
  5. On the Reconciliation screen, single-click the statement you want to open, and then from the toolbar, click Delete > Reopen Statement.
    The Reopen Reconciliation message reads: Are you sure you want to reopen this reconciliation?
  6. Click Yes.
    The reconciliation statement’s status updates to Open.
  7. Click OK.

You will need to open reconciliations preceding the month you are seeking. For example, if you have reconciled all months and need to reopen May, you must first reopen all months reconciled since that date.

Updated on March 21, 2022

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