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Law Society of Alberta Exports

CosmoLex is compliant with the Law Society of Alberta’s data gathering requirements for practicing lawyers under its jurisdiction. Click here to view the Law Society’s filing requirements as well as instructions to complete the electronic data upload.

To access exports:

  1. Go to Setup-Firm Settings-Regional
  2. Make sure your Province is set to Alberta. Click here to learn more about setting your Province
  3. Under “Law Society of Alberta Settings”, ensure that the box for “Enable Law Society Of Alberta Exports” is checked off
  4. You will then be able to complete the field for “Responsible Lawyer Name” and “Responsible Lawyer Number”
  5. Click “Export”

   The Export screen will then populate, where you can:

  1. Choose which dates you’d like to export data for
  2. Choose which files to export. In order, they are:
    1. TT – summarizes all transactions that occurred specific to Trust Accounts
    2. AL – summarizes the Accounts Receivables
    3. BAR – summarizes the Billing Journal
    4. TL – summarizes the Trust Leger opening balances for every client

Updated on April 24, 2020

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