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Edit Documents Using Office 365

When you integrate your CosmoLex account with OneDrive, you have the ability to access, edit and save documents using Office 365.

Before Getting Started

The first thing you would need to do is make sure you are synced with OneDrive or OneDrive For Business. If you have not already completed this step, click here.

Access Documents with Office 365

Go to Activities > Documents Tab > Click on a folder on the left-hand side to locate the document you want to have access to in OfficeOnline. 

To the right of the document, click on “Open in OneDrive”.

You will be brought to OfficeOnline website where you have access to the file.

Edit OneDrive Documents

You can edit word and excel documents in OfficeOnline and have the changes saved automatically back to Cosmolex.

At the top right of the file in OfficeOnline, click “Edit Document or Edit Workbook” and choose “Edit in Browser”

You will then be able to make changes to the word document or excel spreadsheet.

The next time you go back into Cosmolex, those changes will be in place when you download or view in OneDrive.

Updated on October 3, 2018

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