Migrate Dropbox Files to Native Storage

You can migrate DropBox files and folders to Cosmolex native document storage.

Migrate Files to Native Storage

To migrate Dropbox files and folders to native storage:

  1. Set up Native Document Storage.
  2. Log into your Dropbox account. 
  3. From the left navigation, click Files.
  4. Select the folders and files you want to migrate.
  5. Right-click and select Download.
    The files download to your system in a zipped (.zip) file.  
  6. Double-click the .zip file.
    The file opens, displaying the top level folder.
  7. Double click the subfolder.
    The subfolder’s contents display.
  8. From the toolbar, click Extract All.
    The Extract Compressed (Zipped) browser window opens, directing you to Select a Destination and Extract Files.
  9. Browse to your preferred download location.
  10. Click Select Folder.
    The folder location’s path populates the Browse field.
  11. Click Extract.
    The extraction tool extracts the files and folders to the designated location.
  12. Upload your files and folders to CosmoLex.
    The system associates the documents with the matter.
Updated on March 2, 2022

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