Add an Operating Bank Transaction

You can add an operating bank transaction within CosmoLex. 

To add an operating bank transaction:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Accounting.
  2. From the Accounting left navigation, click Bank.
  3. On the Bank screen, either double-click the bank, or single-click it to highlight it, and then from the toolbar, click Details.
  4. From the Banks left navigation, click Transaction.
  5. From the toolbar atop the Transaction screen, click Add > Deposit or Add > Withdrawal as applicable.

Add Transaction Screen Fields


  • Populates with the bank name selected by you.


  • Populates with today’s date.
  • Click the drop-down to specify a different date, if needed.
  • Enter the amount.
Calc box*  (*Only for states/provinces where tax is to be calculated.)
Take the appropriate action:

  • Calc Box Checked
    • In the Total field, enter the total amount.
      The system calculates the GSTHSTQST and PST, as applicable, and auto-populates their fields.
  • Calc Box Unchecked
    • In the GSTHSTQST and PST fields, as applicable, enter the taxes paid.
      The Total field auto-populates with the bill’s total.
  • Will default to Deposit or Withdrawal based on your selection.
  • Use the drop-down to select Adjustment In or Adjustment Out.
  • Use the drop-down to click the payment method.
Check#* (*Will only display if you select Check as the payment method)
Take the appropriate action:

  • Check to be Printed
    1. Leave the To be Printed box checked.
  • Check Was Printed
    1. Uncheck the To be Printed box.
      The Check# field becomes editable.
    2. Enter the check number.
Pay To
  • Enter the payee’s name.
  • In the Address section, enter the payee’s mailing address.
    If you don’t see the address block, click on More Info to expand the section.


  • Enter a memo or click the drop-down to select one.


  • Include further details for internal purposes. This will not print on client documents.

Include matter expense

  • Checking the box will take you to the Expense – Hard Cost screen. Here you can Add a Hard Cost

Split Section

In this section you can split the transaction between different accounts.

  • One line item with the total amount will be created, you can add the GL account to which you want to assign this transaction by clicking on the drop-down beside it.
  • To add more line items, from the toolbar above the section, click Add.
  • If you wish to remove a line item, you can select the item to remove and click Delete.
  • You can also add a description, and assign a class, or split the amount across multiple classes. 

When splitting the transaction amount, ensure the remaining amount is $0.00.

Save Options

  • Click Cancel to exit the screen without saving the transaction.
Save and New
  • Click Save and New to save the transaction and enter another.
  • Click Save to save the expense and return to the Transactions screen.
  • In the lower left corner, check the Remember Payee box to add them to your Payees list, if desired.

Updated on August 5, 2022

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