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Add an Operating Bank Transaction

You can add an operating bank transaction within CosmoLex. 

Add an Operating Bank Transaction

To add an operating bank transaction:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Accounting.
  2. From the Accounting left navigation, click Bank.
  3. On the Bank screen, either double-click the bank, or single-click it to highlight it, and then from the toolbar, click Details.
  4. From the Banks left navigation, click Transaction.
  5. From the toolbar atop the Transaction screen, click Add > Deposit or Add > Withdrawal as applicable.
  6. On the Add Transaction screen, in the Client-Matter field, enter the first few characters of the client or matter name.
  7. From the drop-down, click the appropriate match.
  8. From the Date field’s drop-down, click the trust withdrawal date.
  9. In the Amount field, enter the transaction amount.
  10. From the Type field’s drop-down, click the transaction type.
  11. In the Ref # field, enter a reference number, if desired.
  12. From the Method field’s drop-down, click the withdrawal method.
  13. In the Payor field, enter the payor’s name.
  14. From the Bank field’s drop-down, click the applicable operating bank.
  15. From the Memo field’s drop-down, click a preset selection or enter a new one.
  16. In the Memo2 field, enter internal notes, if desired.
  17. In the Account field, confirm the pre-populated selection or use the drop-down to click a different account. If you need to split the accounts, click the orange Y and see How to Handle Split Billing.
  18. Check the Post as matter expense box if you are paying a client-related expense.


    This is applicable only when the Type field equals Check or Wire/ACH Out.

  19. In the lower left corner, either uncheck the Remember Payee checkbox or leave it checked, as desired.
  20. Take the appropriate action:
    • Click Cancel to exit the screen without saving the transaction.
    • Click Save and New to save the transaction and enter another.
    • Click Save to save the transaction and return to the Transactions screen.

If you click Save or Save and New, the system adds the trust withdrawal transaction and associates it with its designated matter.

Updated on March 25, 2022

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