9.9.2 Update (July 21, 2023)

Grant or revoke CosmoLexPay dashboard permission, filter transaction levy, and more.


Email Label Change

In preparation for the upcoming availability of SMS/Text messaging, you will see the following changes in the application:

  • The “Emails” tab in Matter and Activities is relabeled as “Communications”.
  • When sending invoices and reminders, the “Email” option is now labeled “Send”. There has been no other change to how invoices are emailed. 

CosmoLexPay Permission 

An Administrator can grant or revoke permission to users to access the CosmoLexPay dashboard and portal by navigating to Account > User Management > Role > clicking add or selecting role and checking or unchecking the Manage permission box.


By default, only users with system defined administrator role will have this access.

Transaction Levy/Trust Admin Fee

When paying a Transaction Levy or Trust Admin Fee, you can now filter by Paid or Unpaid status.


  • When printing the Client-Matter Ledger, Fee Recovery, or Financial Productivity report, if the Matter Owner and/or Area of Law have the ampersand (&), they will not be selected multiple times.
  • If the timekeeper is inactive, localized billing rate set up for a matter will not allow a user to change any value to the timekeeper.
  • The Client Matter Ledger report will not include non-billable timecard value for fees in the unbilled summary.
  • Removing a matter expense associated with a transaction that has check number assigned will not reset the check number sequence.
  • You will no longer receive an error when printing checks for multiple transactions.
  • When adding a bank error, if you click the save button more than once, only one bank error will be created.
Updated on July 25, 2023

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