10.1.1 Update (September 4, 2023)

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We have fixed several issues this weekend.


  • User will no longer get an error message when deleting a transaction associated with a matter expense.
  • User will be able to export bank transaction from a matter or bank without any delay.
  • User can now view matter amount associated with transaction in the banking tab for the matter.
  • User will be able to filter a transaction by amount in the Banking tab and Reconciliation screen.
  • Emailing invoice using Group by Client filter will use the email invoice template selected under Setup > Firm Settings > Email Templates.
  • The Matter Transactions Report will not include non-matter related transactions (firm transactions).
  • Importing timecards using CosmoLex import file will trigger a message if Billed-Minutes column has more than 59 minutes.
  • Adding a timecard for an email using the Outlook Add-in will not change the rate when scrolling within the rate section.
  • The Accounts Payable Payee Ledger report will display correct original amount for all the bills related to payee.
  • The beginning of the year date will be set to Jan 1 when exporting Law Society of Alberta report.
  • While performing Split Billing:
        • Fixed and Contingency Fee will not get split repeatedly.
        • User will be able to edit a split configuration at any time after it is saved.
        • Data and title row will not overlap in the Split Billing grid.
  • When configuring a split for a matter with no fees and expenses to split, system will not default to Split Fee option Split Hours and then calculate amount.
  • When generating the Split Billing Report for a Fixed/Contingency matter, the Split Billing Option label will be Yes.
Updated on September 5, 2023

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