10.0.3 Update (August 18, 2023)

Additional invoice template field, and more.


Invoice Template Field 

We have added a new invoice template field to the list of existing invoice fields:

Name of Field Description


  • Service items details table with columns for: 
    • Date
    • Description
    • Time Billed (Hours)
    • Lawyer


  • Users integrated with OneDrive for Business will be able to access documents from client-matter without getting an error message. (This outage was caused by Microsoft library making changes at their end and not returning the correct type of error.)
  • Firms using text messages will be able to receive message responses from their client/contact.
  • User will be able to create a custom role for new account without getting error message.
  • You will be able to generate Billed/Collected Taxes detailed report without any delay.
  • Any event created with billable status will appear under Dashboard > Firm > Snapshot > Unbilled Event and Dashboard > Me > Productivity > Unbilled Event.
  • When sending an online trust retainer payment request, user will only see the option to send the request by email.
  • Editing a task created by a user for a different user, will not change primary assignee field unless user changes it manually.
  • If you have an image on your email invoice template, it will display in the body of the invoice email.
Updated on August 21, 2023

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