10.0.2 Update (August 11, 2023)

Improvements in CLP(CA), and more.


CosmoLexPay (Canada)

If you are using CosmoLexPay in Canada, you will now:

  • Get the pricing plan of your merchant account every time you log in or navigate to the CosmoLexPay dashboard.
  • Be able to map your approved Operating Merchant account, though your Trust account is not approved, even if you applied for both while registering for CosmoLexPay.


  • When sending a retainer request or invoice email, you will not be able to click the Send button until the entire email template is loaded.
  • Users that have the Text Messaging feature configured will be able to delete a matter that has an additional recipient for Text Invoices under Matter > Edit > Invoicing without getting any error message.
  • When printing Invoices ( Multiple) from Matter or Activities, users will not see the option to Send Invoice by Email and the Text Phone No. column.
  • Client-Matter Ledger report will now:
      • Include any matter to matter trust transactions
      • only include portion for the matter when payment is applied on invoice using bulk trust to general feature
  • Users in a custom role with permission to view the Matter Billing Log report will be able to generate the report without an error.
  • The correct label Matter Opened Date will display on the Matter Billing Log report when generating it from the Matter or Report area.
  • General Ledger report will now display correct payee name associated with transaction, journal entries, and accounts payable.
  • User will no longer experience any delay when applying payment to invoices from different date ranges.
  • The Outlook-Add In summary for the selected email will display the correct billing status when it is tagged to the Client-Matter.
Updated on August 15, 2023

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