10.0.1 Update (August 4, 2023)

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Include class with matter export, and more


Matter Export

Exporting matter in CSV format will now include the class assigned to it.


  • User will no longer experience delay importing expenses using custom import feature by navigating to Time/Expense tab, Action > Custom Import > selecting the configured import > Next, selecting file > Upload.
  • User will be able to find/read any chat messages in the internal chat page.
  • Editing a task assigned to a different user will not change primary assignee information unless user changes the information and saves it.
  • User with permission will be able to print client-matter ledger from the Matter and the Report area.
  • The correct serial number will display on a check, based on the last number used when adding a transaction. 
  • Printing a check using Voucher Format 3, will display the amount in words and payee name in the designated area.
Updated on August 4, 2023

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