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View and Use an Accounts Register


CosmoLex is built to provide a simplified way to manage your legal-specific accounting needs. Any time you enter a transaction, you fill out a form that in turn creates a record in all the necessary locations – including the correct COA accounts.

The Accounts Register allows you to view all the transactions that are associated with each account in your Chart of Accounts. For example, if you wanted to find all of the transactions for “Fee Income”, you would simply go to that account and there you could view those related transactions.

The Accounts Register can also be helpful if maybe you would like to edit all the transactions under a specific account. The most common example of an acceptable edit from the Accounts Register would be if you wanted to assign a class, for class-based accounting, to all transactions belonging to a particular account. 

While there is an ability to add entries through the accounts register (balance sheet accounts only) and delete entries or transactions, we recommend that whenever possible you instead use Journal Entries, Bank to Bank Transfers, and other tools in the program to make additions or deletions, so that the appropriate steps are taken for proper bookkeeping. We further recommend that you consult with your accountant or a Certified CosmoLex Consultant before adding or deleting an entry from the Accounts Register.

View Accounts Register

1. Click the Accounting Tab
2. Click Chart of Accounts, and find your desired account
3. Click the details arrow to view all transactions related to this account 

The details arrow will be unavailable for some accounts – including accounts related to Trust Funds.


You will be taken to a view of all the transactions in the register for that account.

Use Accounts Register

As described above, you will want to consult with your Accountant or a Certified CosmoLex Consultant before making changes from this screen.

If you would like to edit a transaction from the Register view, simply click on the desired transaction and click Edit

If you would like to export a list of transactions related to one account, simply click export from the Register View.

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Updated on September 6, 2018

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