Upload Your Word Merge Template to CosmoLex

You have created an MS Word Merge Document template. Now, upload it to CosmoLex for convenient access.

Upload Your Document Template to CosmoLex

To upload your MS Word merge document template to CosmoLex:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Setup.
  2. From the Setup left navigation. click Document Template.
  3. On the Document Template screen, click the applicable tab: Matter, Contact, Transaction, or Invoice.
  4. From the toolbar beneath the applicable screen, click Add.
  5. On the Document Template screen, in the Name field, enter your template’s name.
  6. In the Category field drop-down, click the category to assign to your template.
  7. In the Description field, add a description, if desired.
  8. Click Choose File.
    A browser screen opens.
  9. Locate the file on your computer and single-click it to highlight it.
  10. Click Open.
    The file name populates the choose file field.
  11. In the lower right corner, click Upload.
    The system adds the document template to your file listing.
Updated on January 9, 2024

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