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Integrating Your OneDrive/OneDrive for Business Account with CosmoLex


You can choose to forego CosmoLex native document storage, and integrate your document storage with OneDrive or OneDrive For Business.

How to set up integration

Choose a OneDrive account that is accessible by the entire firm, or that is accessible by the firm owner. You will only be able to use one account, and then you will be able to share the CosmoLex folder with other members of your firm. Next, you will link your account.

Turn on the App

The app must be turned on at the firm-wide level. The firm admin can go to Setup > Apps > Under Documents Apps, click the OFF Button to turn ON either OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.

Once turned on, you will be directed to the Microsoft Account login page as shown below:

Sign in to your OneDrive Account

Personal OneDrive:


 OneDrive for Business:

Sync Your Document

After you log in, you will get the following message: “Your account is successfully linked to your Cosmolex Account”


Make sure default document app is set up under Firm Settings > Firm Preferences. Once OneDrive is integrated, the admin will need to share the CosmoLex folder in OneDrive with other users. Once the account is set up, you will not be able to use multiple user accounts in OneDrive.

Complete Setup

Within each matter, you will be prompted to create a folder as needed.

To do this, go to Matters Page > click on matter > Click Details.

Under Matter Details > Click on Documents tab

A permission window will come up, asking if you want to create a matter folder, click Yes.

This confirms that OneDrive and OneDrive for business are synced.

Managing Documents

To Access OneDrive Documents directly from CosmoLex follow these steps:

Go to Activities > click Documents Tab > Click on a folder on the left-hand side to locate the document you would like to open through OneDrive. To the right of the document, click on “Open in OneDrive”.

You will be brought to OfficeOnline website where you have access to the file.

Edit OneDrive Documents

You can edit word and excel documents in OfficeOnline and have the changes saved automatically back to Cosmolex.

To do this, click “Edit Document or Edit Workbook” at the top right of the file in OfficeOnline, and choose “Edit in Browser”

The next time you go back into Cosmolex, those changes will be in place when you download or view in OneDrive.

Updated on July 5, 2019

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