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Collected Fee Allocation Report

Within CosmoLex, you can:

  • Assign fee allocation percentages to timekeepers and matter parties at the firm level
  • Override fee allocation percentages at the matter level

The Collected Fee Allocation Report displays the fees billed and collected within the designated time frame while applying the percentage allocated to each individual.


If you have not specified a matter owner’s fee allocation at the firm level, then you must set up matter level fee allocations to ensure accurate reporting.

To access the report, go to Reports > Financial Productivity > Collected Fee Allocation

Report Filters

  • Matter Owner: Choose all matter owners or a specific matter owner.
  • Timekeeper: Choose all timekeepers or a specific timekeeper.
  • Sort Invoice By: Choose invoice number or role.
  • Date Range: The date range options you have are All Dates, Last Month, Last Year, This Month, and This Year. You can also customize the date range to be covered in the report.
  • From the Print as field atop the screen, click PDF or Excel as desired.  


Click View to preview the report or to download, select the preferred format (Excel/pdf) and click Download.

Learn more about generating reports.

Sample Report

Report Calculations

  • The system analyzes all invoice payments applied within your selected date range, regardless of the invoice date.

  • Operating retainer payments are not considered invoice payments and will not be included in this report.

  • If an invoice is discounted, it is allocated in proportion to each person’s contribution/role.  To allocate a discount only to a particular timekeeper, enter a flat rate timecard with a negative amount for that timekeeper and include it in the invoice prior to applying a payment. This will reduce the invoice total and the compensation only for the selected timekeeper.

Report Terminology

Billed Fee
  • The fee portion of the invoice
  • If the party is a Timekeeper, it is the total billed fee for this particular Timekeeper.
  • If the party is any other role, such as an Originating Attorney, a Responsible Attorney, etc., then the Billed Fee is the invoice’s total billed fee.
Collected Fee
  • When Invoice payments are applied, liabilities and costs are paid first.

  • The fee is considered the last item to be paid on the invoice.

  • Collected Fee represents the fees collected within the specified date range.

    • If the party is the Timekeeper, then it is the collected fee allocated to the Timekeeper’s Billed Fee portion.

    • If the party is any other role, such as an Originating Attorney, a Responsible Attorney, etc., then the collected fee is the invoice’s total collected fee.

Allocation %
  • These values are derived from the user-entered settings detailed above.
Allocated Fee
  • The allocated amount based on the collections and allocation %
Updated on November 19, 2021

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