7.2.0 Update (November 8, 2020)

This past weekend brought two updates and a few fixes.

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

We are excited to announce we have wrapped development on our Microsoft Outlook Add-In!

The Add-In allows you to tag and archive emails within your CosmoLex account without leaving your Classic Outlook or Outlook 365 inbox.

Once you enable the Add-In within your Outlook account, you can:

  • Tag any email you have sent or received to a CosmoLex matter
  • Assign a billing status to ensure you capture billable items
  • Decide whether to include attachments

You assign the tagging details within the Add-In panel, click Submit, and the Add-In automatically files the email within your CosmoLex account!

Leveraging the CosmoLex Add-in for Outlook will ensure your matter-related emails are organized and accessible along with your billing, accounting, and other matter activities.

We expect the Add-In to be available in the Microsoft Store in the upcoming weeks.

Look for an update soon!  

Invoice Payment Import

You can now import historical invoice payments into CosmoLex.

For additional information regarding importing your payment data, see Migrate Your Data.


We fixed these items:

  • Client Name now displays the Original Name on the matter screen in Last Name, First Name format. You can change the Use Client Name field setting under Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences.

  • System now reloads all transactions when the user removes a filter under Accounting > Bank > (select account) > Transaction

  • A notification bubble now displays next to the user’s name when they send a message via internal chat. 

Updated on November 12, 2020

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