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6.4.5 Released! (March 10, 2020)

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Release Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020

This document includes items released in version 6.4.5


New Matter Custom Field Type

We have added an additional matter custom field type of ‘Contact’.  Adding a contact to a matter using this field will create merge fields for all respective contact information (name, address, email, phone etc) to be utilized in document assembly. 

Also, by linking directly to the contact in the address book, any updates made to that contact will automatically be reflected in this field’s information. 

Creating the Field

You can add a custom field of this type under Setup > Custom Fields > Matter Tab > Add

Like any custom field, you can

  • Name the field (label)
  • Mark required,  active or visible by default and
  • Add a description/tooltip

One unique field is assigning a contact type. Choosing a specific type here will limit the contacts available to populate into this field on the matter to only those with this contact type. Also, when adding a contact from this custom field, It will also default this selection as the contact type.

You can customize your contact type list under Setup > List Items > Contact Type

If you want full flexibility to select any type of contact for this field, keep this on ‘All’

Adding to a Matter

Once this custom field is created, you can add it to a matter under Matter Details > Custom Fields

If ‘visible by default’ was chosen when setting up the field, you will automatically see the field listed here, otherwise click ‘more fields’ to locate that field and add/remove from this matter

If the contact you would like to add here is already in the system address book, start typing their name where it says ‘Enter Contact Name’ for matching suggestions you can choose.

If this is a brand new contact, click the plus sign to the right to open the Add contact screen to complete all information for this contact. This will not only link this person to the matter, but add them to your address book. 

Using in Document Assembly

All merge fields for this contact (Name, email, address etc) will now be available in the merge field database for document assembly. To learn more about using those fields to populate various documents, click here

Updated on March 11, 2020

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