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6.3.3 Released! (January 15, 2020)

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Release Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

This document includes items released in version 6.3.3

New Features

Tax Calculation Utility for Accounts Payable 


This tool is for those firms who have firm paid tax enabled in CosmoLex  under Setup > Firm Settings > Accounting > Firm Paid Tax

Previously when entering Accounts Payable bills, and general/credit withdrawal transactions, there were two fields – amount and tax – which had to be manually calculated. Instead of having to enter these values individually, we now provide the option to enter the full amount of the transaction (new field) and have the system calculate the tax portion.  

For any payment/withdrawal transaction from an operating or credit bank, there is an added ‘Calc’ checkbox next to the amount field. By default, this is unchecked. When checked, the ‘total paid’ field becomes typable. When that amount is entered, the application will automatically calculate the tax amount based on default tax rates configured in the financial settings area. 

When ‘Calc’ is unchecked

The total paid field is read-only. This amount simply adds the amount + tax which was entered. No auto-calculation or correction takes place.

When ‘Calc’ is checked

The total paid field is writable, but the tax amount fields are read-only. The user can enter the total paid amount and the system will calculate the amount and tax based on the system settings

Work In Progress (WIP) Summary Report

We have added a new WIP Summary report under Reports > Billing

This provides detailed unbilled WIP breakdown by Timekeeper, Matter, Client or Area Of Law for a given date.

Due to the detail of this report, you are supplied a variety of filter options as pictured below. 

New Invoice Printing Variables

Click here for a listing of all variables available to insert into invoice templates.

This release, three new variables have been added:

This lists all prior invoices with balance > 0 showing the breakdown of “Prior Balance” in 5 columns, Date, Invoice #, Original Amount, Payment Applied, Balance

This lists all prior invoices irrespective of its balance in 5 columns, Date, Invoice #, Original Amount, Payment Applied, Balance

This is a table field that populates a 4 column “Summary of Legal Services” table and provides values for “Name, Title, Time Spent, and Amount”. 


Accounts Payable 

  • Screen grid (under Accounting > Accounts Payable) now includes the associated Ref# for all bills
  • When applying a payment to multiple AP bills, if Memo2 is blank, the system captures the Ref# of included bills and initializes the field as: Bills Paid: {ref#1}, {ref#2} …

Pre-bill Report 

  • A new date range option of ’til date’ is now available and is the default selection with the last date of the previous month
  • A new ‘Include’ filter has been added to specify what portions of data to show. Options are Only Fee, Only Cost, Only Soft Cost, Only Hard Cost


Client Address in Matter Summary

We have now added the clients mailing address to the summary tab under matter details

Journal Entry Screen

We have expanded the visible space of the journey entry ‘add’ screen to allow for viewing more entries at a time. 

Updated on March 16, 2020

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