Check Style Formats

You can select the font size on your check and adjust the check print offset. Click to learn about check settings. You have several check printing display options from which to choose, the images provide previews of the layouts of the various check styles.

Check Styles

Stub, Check, Stub (Standard)

Check, Check, Check (Standard)

Check, Stub, Stub (Voucher Format 1)

Check, Stub, Stub (Voucher Format 2)

Stub, Check, Stub (Voucher Format 3)

Check, Stub, Stub (Voucher Format 4)

Stub, Stub, Check (Voucher Format 5)

Check, Stub, Stub (Voucher Format 6)


If you wish to order computer checks:

  • US users click here.
  • Canada users click here.
Updated on September 27, 2023

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