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How to Integrate CosmoLex with The Conveyancer®

The Conveyancer® is Canada’s leading law office real estate application. Using CosmoLex’s integration with The Conveyancer, you can dramatically simplify the real estate closing workflow. Statement of account charges for a single file or multiple files from The Conveyancer can be imported into CosmoLex for client billing & back-office accounting.

To configure both programs and enable import/export of data, follow step-by-step details provided in The Conveyancer®-CosmoLex Quick Reference Guide.

CosmoLex has created a dedicated support group of representatives with whom you can schedule a 30-minute setup session. Simply click here to schedule your 30-minute session.

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Procedure for Working with Teranet / Land-Title Accounts in CosmoLex

Updated on February 18, 2019

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