10.11.0 Update (May 31, 2024)

Improved matter party reports, added NextGen features, and more.


Matter Party Reports

The two financial productivity reports, Billing by Matter Party and Collection by Matter Party will now include file # in Matter Invoices section. The reports will not include any matter party that has no activity within the applied date range. 


  • When adding a contact or payee, the country drop-down will now also include Gibraltar.
  • The LEDES 1998B eBilling document will display the correct start date based on billing start date configuration at the matter level.
  • Accounts Receivable Summary and Detail (with include balance breakdown option) will not include discount applied on an invoice in fee section.
  • User will be able to view class associated with paid AP bill.
  • Transaction associated with Transaction Levy or Trust Admin Fee will display client and matter information in the column.

NextGen Enhancements

We are happy to add two new features to our ever-expanding list of NextGen features.

Accounts Payable – You can record, track, and mark firm bills paid through Accounts Payable.

Custom Field Invoice Template – Custom fields associated with Matter, Contact, and Matter Relations can now be used as merge fields for invoice templates.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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