What is the Matter Summary Page?


The Matter Summary Page consists of all important matter data for a client. Similar to the dashboard but on a matter level, this displays client and billing information for the matter.

Items on Matter Summary Page

General Info: displays client info such as client name, Primary Contact, Matter owner, Matter File # is necessary, the trust bank. It also shows what the billing type is for the matter, e-billing (on/off), fee allocation (on/off), and client portal (on/off).

The Money Finder and Overdue Invoice sections are also shown on the matter summary page.
There is another section to the right of the money finder that displays unbilled/billed time, and unbilled/unpaid balance.

Access the Matter Summary Page

  • On Matters Page > Highlight matter and then click on details


  • Click on the Summary tab on the matter details page and the matter summary page will display as shown below:

Updated on May 29, 2018

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