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CosmoLex supports keyboard shortcuts to perform certain routine actions such as adding time and expense entries, calendar events, tasks and notes. With keyboard shortcuts, you can perform many of your daily activities in the software without ever having to use your mouse and increasing overall productivity. You can use these tools on either a PC or a Mac computer.

To Access

To access the menu of keyboard shortcuts, click on the Help button on the upper-right hand side of your screen and choose the Keyboard Shortcuts option. Another way to pull up the menu is by hitting Shift + ? from anywhere in the program. You will be shown two menus here – one for “Global” shortcuts, these can be performed from anywhere within the software. The other menu shows “Grid” shortcuts for use for the various grid screens in the software, such as Time/Expense in the Activities section.


Keyboard Shortcuts are not available in Internet Explorer or MS Edge.

The Global shortcuts are –

  • T – Adding a timecard
  • S – Adding a soft-cost expense
  • H – Adding a hard-cost expense
  • N – Adding a note
  • E – Adding an event
  • K – Adding a task
  • C – Adding a contact
  • ? – Show keyboard Menu
  • Esc Button – Close Dialog


The Grid shortcuts are –

  • Shift + A – Add
  • Shift + E – Edit
  • Shift + T – Export
  • Delete Key – Delete

Let’s go through an example of using a Global shortcut. If we wanted to create a timecard from anywhere in the program, simply press ‘T’ on your keyboard. This will open a blank timecard, where you will first be asked to select your Matter. After selecting the specific Matter, you would complete the timecard as you would from anywhere else in the software. Also, you can navigate through the various fields on the timecard – like Timekeeper, Date, Task and Description – by using the Tab button on your keyboard. If you need to go back to a field, hit Shift + Tab to go backwards through the various fields on the timecard.

Just as you would with any other timecard, once you have entered all the pertinent information, click on Save to complete it and add to the Matter for billing.

Now let’s look at a Grid shortcut. Using the aforementioned Time/Expense in the Activities section description, we can Add, Edit or Delete items from this screen using the Grid shortcuts. You can even create an export in an Excel, PDF or CSV format by hitting Shift + T.

If you have any other questions about how to use Keyboard Shortcuts in CosmoLex, please reach out to our support desk.

Updated on December 5, 2019

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