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Track Court Rules Using Task Workflows

Go to Setup > Click on Workflow on the left-hand side

Click the Add button

Give your Work Flow a name

Add a description if necessary

Add the First Task. Determine the date when the First Task is due by the court rules after work begins on the Matter.

Add Additional Tasks to the Work Flow per the court rules. You can have a task due after the original Work Flow Begin Date or once a previous task is completed.

Once you have entered all of your Tasks into the Work Flow, click Save.

Go inside the Matter in which you want to apply the Work Flow

Click Task Tab > Add > Add Task using Work Flow

Work Flow Begin Date: Choose a begin date for the workflow. This will set the time parameters for all Tasks within the Work Flow 

Work Flow Name: Choose a workflow from the drop-down list.

When ready, click Create

Once created, the workflow will appear with all tasks and the date of when those tasks are due.

Updated on October 3, 2018

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