Setting Up Your Chrometa Integration


Chrometa is a passive time tracking tool which tracks time spent on websites, email as well as other activities on your computer or mobile device. 

CosmoLex integrates with Chrometa so that the captured time can be posted to your matter seamlessly. You must first have a Chrometa account to start this integration. for more information, visit

Connecting Chrometa with CosmoLex

To set up your integration, log into your Chrometa account. On the left-side, you will see a menu. Scroll down to the Account area and click on “Integrations”

On the integration page, you will spot CosmoLex. Click the ‘connect’ button

This will take you to the CosmoLex application (if not already logged in, it will bring you to the login page)

Once logged in, you will be asked to authorize Chrometa to connect with CosmoLex. To proceed, click ‘Grant Access’

Your integration is now complete, and you will automatically be brought back to Chrometa. 

Integration Settings

Once connected, if you go back to the Integrations area within Chrometa, you will see additional options

  • The green status button is letting you know the sync is on. Click this button once to disconnect Chrometa from CosmoLex.
  • Clicking the Sync button will manually sync data between each system (steps below to turn on automatic syncing)
  • Clicking the ‘Client’ button will show you a list of clients synced
  • Clicking the ‘Activities’ button will show you a list of activities synced
  • Clicking the ‘Options’ button will display the setting to automatically sync new clients and matter from CosmoLex when created. We recommend keeping this box checked

You are now ready to import matters and begin posting time from Chrometa. 

For instructions on how to post time from Chrometa, click here 


Updated on March 2, 2020

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