CosmoLex Firm Set-Up Guide


Welcome to CosmoLex! You have joined thousands of legal professionals who are using our state-of-the-art Law Practice Management System.

Transitioning to a new software can be daunting for some. No worries! We have put together this Onboarding Guide so you can get CosmoLex up and running quickly and get back to practicing law.

This guide will walk you through your first steps in setting up your CosmoLex Account.


Take this guide with you! Scroll to the bottom of the article to download this set-up guide.

Getting Started

Adding Users

Step 1: Before you add in any users, you’ll want to set up your User Roles and Permissions. You’ll want to make sure that everyone has the right type of access they will need.

Step 2: Next, add users to your CosmoLex account so everyone who needs to, has the appropriate access.

Adding Timekeepers and Matter Owners

In CosmoLex you can create various timekeepers whose time or expenses will be tracked and/or billed, and matter owners (lawyers). For Timekeepers who will track time, you will also set up their rate.

Program Settings

It is important that you review important settings. Follow the link below, and review Firm Settings and My Settings to learn about the settings you should focus on for now. No worries, many changes  to your settings can be made as you use the system.


Take a moment to double check that your firm information is correct. This can be found in the Set Up Area – Firm Settings – Firm Information

Banking Information

Step 1: Set up your Bank Accounts in CosmoLex so you can begin keeping track of all of your Business and Trust Transactions.

CosmoLex also offers Bank Feed, which can be used for your Trust, Operating, and Credit Accounts.

Is your bank not supported? You can still import your Bank Transactions to help automate your reconciliations.

Setting up Client Portal 

Use the Client Portal to securely share documents, invoices, calendar events, tasks and notes with the client. You also will have the option to have direct chats with the client as well. 

Invoice Templates in CosmoLex 

In CosmoLex, we have a variety of Invoice Templates to choose from, which can also be edited to reflect the type of billing (hourly, fixed fee, or contingency) that your firm does.  

When editing your invoice templates, there are several fields already provided. However, there may be something else that you want to include. CosmoLex has a full list of available fields to add to your invoice template. 

CosmoLex Apps and Integrations

Email Forwarding Set Up

CosmoLex allows the forwarding of your emails in to the system for easy tagging to matters. This will help organize your emails on the matter level, and manage billing for emails if needed.

Syncing your Office 365 or Google Calendar with CosmoLex

We provide a two-way sync between your CosmoLex calendar and your Google calendar or Office 365 Calendar. This real-time sync allows for easy tagging to matters for organization and billing purposes.

Document Storage

Use our native CosmoLex storage, or integrate with Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive for easy document management.

Enabling LawPay

LawPay is our integration partner for credit card processing

Follow these instructions to link your existing LawPay account with CosmoLex, or to learn how to register for LawPay.

Data Migration

See a brief introduction to our Data Migration services here. Need more information? Contact our Support Team at

CosmoLex Day to Day Tasks

Creating a Matter

A matter must be created first if you need to create any time/expense cards, invoices or Trust Transactions.

Adding Time and Expenses

To Contact our Client Relations Team

Phone: (866) 878-6798 ext 510


To Contact our Technical Services Team with any Technical Questions

Phone: (732) 595-9015


To submit a Support Ticket online: Submit a Support Ticket

To Contact CosmoLex Billing Department

Phone: (866) 878-6798


Updated on July 28, 2019

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