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Organizing Your Emails Using Labels


In CosmoLex, we have the ability to create and manage labels which can be tagged to various activities (emails, events, tasks, etc) to learn how to create and manage those labels, read here.

Once your labels are created, they can really help to organize your CosmoLex emails. You must first ensure you have your email integration set up. If not, follow those instructions here.


Organize Emails with Labels

Once emails begin populating into CosmoLex, they are stored in your Inbox shown below. This contains 3 subfolders: Tagged (linked to a matter), Untagged (not linked to matter) folder or Multimatch (multiple matter matches). Whether an item is tagged, billed, or associated with a label, it will still remain in your main inbox folder.

To assign a label to an email, you can check off the box to the left of the email and click on “More” > Associate Labels or double-click on the email
Here you will see an option to “Add New Label”

When you click on this option, a drop-down menu will appear including the labels you have already created. To create a new label here, select “Create New Label”.
Select the label you wish to attach, and it will then display
When you go back to your inbox, you will see the email moved to the label folder.

Updated on May 31, 2018

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