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New CosmoLex Features (December 17, 2017)

Release No: 5.0

Release Date: December 17, 2017


Custom Fields Creation And Usage
  • CosmoLex Matter and Contacts can now be extended by user defined fields called custom fields. This allows user to create fields which are specific to their practice area.

  • Custom Fields can be created under setup. Currently there are 8 different type of fields which can be created such as Single Line Textbox, Multiline Textbox, List etc.

  • Once created, custom fields can then be associated with any matter or contact in CosmoLex.

  • Custom field search can be performed on matter and contact to drill down to specific matters

Document Templating
  • CosmoLex Document template supports Mail Merge Technology available in Microsoft Word application. Document Templates created using MS Word Mail-Merge fields can be uploaded in CosmoLex under Document Template section available under Setup.

  • Merge Field Database (Excel file) can be downloaded from CosmoLex application from the Custom Field Creation tab which then can be Linked with  any MS Word document (*.docx) file to create professional looking templates.

  • Currently, only DOCX file is supported for merging. In future we will extend the feature to support Excel and Powerpoint files too.

Document Assembly
  • Once a document template has been uploaded in CosmoLex, Document can be assembled for any Matter or Contact in the System.

  • For matter, document assembly can be triggered in the Matter section using Generate Document submenu under Action menu item

  • For contact document assembly can be triggered in the Address Book section using Generate Document submenu under Action menu item..

  • Welcome to the Enhanced and Powerful Search, which  is completely redesigned and revamped to allow user to apply multiple search parameters simultaneously.

  • Each Search Parameter is Type agnostic and presented in various forms like Combobox, Textbox, Datepicker etc making it user friendly.

  • Lot of new search parameters have been added to each components (Matter, Time/Expense, Invoice etc)  to get into the real gist of the information user is looking for

  • Date based search now contains more predefined ranges for ease of use. This also includes other operators for custom date ranges.

  • Various Items like Bank Name, Timekeeper, Matter Owner, Labels etc are presented as list to easily select an item rather than  typing-in from scratch.

  • Certain key fields are combined as single search field for better usability. For example Client, Matter and Matter File# are now combined as a single field for ease of use. Its available at all the places where there is a matter association and labeled as  Client/Matter/File#.

Application Theme And Layout Changes

  • Application main tabs are organized in a vertical theme to generate more real estate to show various contents.

  • Horizontal Search Bar has been removed from each screen and now shown as collapsible vertical bar on the right hand side of the content grid.

  • Tabs and corresponding sub tabs are organized in alternate vertical and horizontal layout theme.

  • Dialogs and pop-ups are re-touched to remove white spaces and increased content area 

  • Grid corners are rounded to make it more appealing

  • Font and corresponding size are standardised throughout the application to maintain consistency

  • A new tab called ‘Billing’ has been created under Matter Details, Time/Expense and Invoice Tabs are moved under this new tab. 

  • Reconciliation Detail screen is re-organized to bring it in-line with the new theme changes

  • Workflow tab has been moved out from List Item and is now in the same level as Firm Settings


  • In the Matter Relation tab contacts can be edited right from there rather than switching back and forth. Also new contact can be added on the fly within the Relation tab

  • All the List items under Setup area are now exportable. 

  • Deposit Slip and Bank Statement can also now be exported and printed.

Updated on May 9, 2018

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