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Invite or Revoke Access to Client Portal


Once the client portal has been set up in Cosmolex, you can invite the client to view and share items on the portal. Keep in mind, only permitted users can invite clients.

To Invite Clients to Client Portal

Go to matter page > double click on matter, or highlight matter and click details
Matter Details > Click on Client Portal Tab
Ensure client portal is ON for this matter. to do so, click the OFF toggle to ON.
On this same tab, under Contacts, Click “Invite Contact”
In the Client Portal Access window, the client’s name and email address will show:

If you do not yet have an email listed for this client, you can type it in the email field here, and it will be saved as the client’s primary email address.
Click Invite.
The invitation will be sent to the client’s email address providing them with instructions on how to create an account to access the client portal.
Once the client has access to the client portal, you will notice under the client Portal tab there are three tabs under Contacts Section:
Disable Access: This will allow the client to be temporarily disabled.

Remove Access: This will no longer give the client access to the client portal.

A warning message will show:

Click Yes, and you will see the “invite contact” option show.
Re-invite Contact: An email will be sent to the client to re-invite them to the client portal.

To share or unshare items in Client Portal, click here.
Updated on October 3, 2018

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