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Import Timesheets into CosmoLex

If your firm has of-counsel or timekeepers who do not have access to CosmoLex and you wish to import their time entries, you can consider using our WIPs-Time Import functions.


  • Ensure that the corresponding Client-Matter records already exist in CosmoLex prior to importing data. 

  • Excel template to fill-in the Time entries is located here.

Filling-in the Excel file

  • Go to the Time tab to fill-in your data.
  • Column name headers and Sheet name should Not be changed for the import to work successfully.
  • Carefully fill-in the Matter Identifier values for each row. You can choose to use the  Matter ID# assigned by CosmoLex or the Matter File # which is user assigned. Whichever ID type you choose must apply to all imported items, as that is how the import will match with data already in CosmoLex.
  • All fields except Card Date, Tax and Description ones are Required to be filled-in. If Card Date value is left blank, current date will be used for the import.
  • Billing Type value should be one of these: Billable, Unbillable and NoCharge
  • You have the choice to enter time values either as Hour-and-Minute (e.g. 1 in Hours & 30 in Minutes) -OR- as Total Billing Hours in decimals (e.g. 1.50).
  • For any additional information such as max allowed characters, refer to the “1. Data Entry Instructions” sheet in the file.

Import Steps

In the top menu, click the ‘+’ icon and go to Other > Import Data. This should open the first screen for Import.

Select the Time/Expense option and click “Continue”.

Click “Choose File” to locate the file and then click “Upload”. Keep the “File has headers” checkbox as ticked.

Frequently Occurring Errors and Resolution

  • Referenced client matter does not exist

This indicates that the Matter Identifier entered is invalid and not matching with an existing client-matter in CosmoLex. 

  • Timekeeper name does not match

If the spreadsheet has a timekeeper value that’s not in CosmoLex; go to Setup > Timekeeper to create a new timekeeper.

  • Invalid values for Time
    Identify and update spreadsheet records that have non-numeric or invalid values for Time.

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Updated on May 28, 2019

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