How to Utilize Task Workflows

Workflow can be used when you need to create a standard collection of tasks with a designated set of due dates.

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Step by Step Instructions

First, you need to create the workflow template
Start at the Setup page.
Click “List Items”.
Click “Work Flow” on the left.
Click “Add” to create a workflow list.
Enter the name and description of the workflow.
Enter tasks along with the information that you wish to add.
  • Task
  • Assignee
  • Due Date – here is where workflows are most powerful. you can base the due dates on the completion of previous tasks
  • Priority
  • Task Description – click on the icon to add the tasks description

By default, four tasks are listed.  If you do not need this many tasks, click “Delete” to remove the unwanted tasks.

If more than four tasks are needed, click “Add” for additional tasks.

Click “Save” when finished

Once a workflow is saved, it can be added to any matter.

Start at the Matter page.

Highlight a matter.

Click Details

Click the “Tasks” tab.

Click “Add/Add Task using workflow”.

Enter date you wish for your list to start, then select the workflow you wish to attach

Click “Create”

All tasks will be added automatically with the appropriate due dates.

Updated on October 4, 2018

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