How to Use the Positive Pay Feature


Positive Pay is a system used by most banks to greatly reduce check fraud by implementing customer authorization of each check. Customers send the bank a list of all checks issued. When a check comes in for payment, the bank compares the check number and amount to the list. If they do not agree the check is rejected. The system makes it nearly impossible to alter or forge checks from participating companies.
Our Positive Pay list makes it easy for a law firm to generate a report listing all uncleared transactions. This report is imported into a third party application that converts it to the proper format and sends it to the practice’s bank.
For information on Positive Pay, click here.

Generate Positive Pay List 

1. Click on Accounting Tab

2. Select the desired bank account and click Details, or simply double-click the bank account

3. From Transactions, click Action, then click “Positive Pay List”

4. Choose the “Range Type” (Today, This Month, Last Month, or Custom [date range])

5. When ready, click Generate

An Excel (.csv) file will now download to your computer. This file contains a list of uncleared transactions for transmission to your bank. 


Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of commercial banks, each with their own format for Positive Pay transmissions. We realize we are not able to support the large variety of formats so, instead, we compile and export the information in a format that can be read by a third-party software designed to act as a translator between billing software and banks. We have not partnered with any specific provider. Check with your bank to learn more about their Positive Pay services, format requirements, and third-party software suggestions.

Updated on August 20, 2018

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