How to Make a Matter Inactive

In order to archive a matter, you can make it inactive. If you are using cash-based accounting, the only criteria to inactivating a matter is that all trust funds must be disbursed. If you are using accrual-based accounting, any outstanding AR balance must be resolved in addition to disbursing all trust funds before you can mark a file inactive.
To make matter inactive, click matters on the side panel > locate the matter and click EDIT. 
At the bottom left you will see an Active check box. Uncheck this box and then save the matter.

image 1

This matter will then be moved to the inactive list.
To view this list, on the right hand side click the search filter icon

image 2

Change the status to “Inactive” and the list will appear.

image 3

To make a matter active again, simply edit the matter again and check the Active box, then Click Save.
NOTE: At all times, you must have the number of active CosmoLex users equal to or greater than the number of active timekeepers in the system. If you are trying to re-activate a timekeeper, and the number of CosmoLex users is less, you will receive an error stating “Add additional Users under Accounts section to be able to add Timekeepers or make changes to Timekeepers.”
Updated on June 13, 2019

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