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How to Limit User Access to Bank Level Details

In Cosmolex, you can limit user access to certain bank level details for any bank.

Go to Account Management > User Management tab > User > then select a User > Edit
In the edit user window, click on Settings (Role and Restrictions).
When “restrict bank visibility” is checked, you can restrict the user to view details of only the allowed bank as shown below. Note: The user can still perform and view matter-related activities such as receiving retainers, or invoice payments on restricted banks.
Once done, click save.

When the user logs in, under the Accounting > Bank section they will only have access to the banks allowed through permissions.

Note: By default, when adding a new normal user, visibility for all banks is restricted as shown below. You can change this, by selecting the bank you want the user to view details for, and then click on the > symbol to move the bank over to the allowed section. 

Once done, click save.
Updated on June 7, 2018

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