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How to Enter Individual or Bulk Soft Costs

For Canada, as Matters are set to be taxable, the system is set to automatically mark all soft costs as “taxable”, unless those expense items are set as “non-taxable” under setup.  You may change this on the expense card, if desired.

If instead of itemizing soft costs, you would prefer to add an overall overhead charge to your invoices, you can find those steps here

Enter Individual Soft Costs

On the main matter page – the soft cost action button is a gavel

Within the matter details or activities area, you can add a soft cost under the time expense tab > add expense > soft cost

You can then complete the cost details such as date of the expense, expense name, description, quantity and rate

You can also override some advanced settings such as billing and tax status

Enter Bulk Soft Cost Entries

For detailed instructions on capturing and importing bulk expense recovery items, click here.

Group Identical Soft Cost Items on Invoice

Most users prefer to show cost recovery items such as photocopies, telephone, etc as one single line item on the invoice as opposed to individual line items.

To do so, you must first ensure this item is added as an expense option under Set Up > List Items > Expense.

When adding the expense here, enter the expense name, description and rate as you would like to display on the invoice.

Also, make sure the ‘Group similar charges for invoice printing’ option is checked

Once this setup is complete, each time you add a soft cost you intend to group, select the expense from the list. The predetermined expense name and description will populate.

When eventually generating the invoice including these items, ensure the flag “Group identical soft cost charges for Invoice Printing” is checked. If the steps above were followed when entering these items, they will automatically group with the default expense name and description.

For any previously generated, but unpaid invoice, you can edit the invoice and turn this flag on and re-generate (update) to group.

Updated on November 25, 2019

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