Add, Edit, and View Tasks

This feature allows the user to manage tasks within the application. Users can create a task, and link a task to a matter.

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Add Task

Click Activities
Select the Task Tab
Click Add


Once the Add Task dialogue appears
Enter the name of the task
Mark the task as private if you do not wish for this task to be viewed by others
If you would like to link this task to a matter, select the client/ matter name
“Share via Client Portal – Check this to share the task with a client
Choose the billing status of the task (Billable, Non billable, No Charge, Billed)
Choose a start and due date for the task
Put a priority status of the task if necessary

Send email reminders to users. NOTE: Only the Primary Assignee will receive these email reminders.

Assign Primary Assignee (the person inside your office ultimately responsible for seeing that the task is completed). It will default to the user entering the task but a drop-down menu will be available listing other users to assign the role to.

Add Additional Assignee (others inside the office that will work with the Primary Assignee to complete the task).


Primary Assignee and any Additional Assignees will have these tasks show up on their task calendar


You will only see the Primary Assignee listed on the Task screen. However, with the search feature on the right side of the screen, you can search both primary and additional assignees listed on tasks.


Add Custom Labels to the task

Enter the description if necessary
Enter the status of the task (not started, in progress, done)
Choose a task color (if necessary) for display purposes
Click Save.
Once created, your task will display on task list with the details, including how many days left when there’s a due date.
If linked to a matter, the task will also display in the matter details section of that particular matter. 


After a billable task has taken place, the time and/ or expense for this task must be manually entered. In addition, the status of the task must be changed to “billed” by editing the task.

Editing a Task

Highlight the requested task, and click “Edit”, or Double-click the task you wish to edit. This will bring you to an edit task window.
Change the requested information
Click “Save”
After the task is completed, it will be listed in the Activities/Task section or listed in the task section of the matter details (pictured above).

Set a Task’s Priority, Completion Status, and Color

The user can set the importance of a task, how much of the task has been completed, and the color to differentiate various tasks.
In the “Edit Task” screen, set the priority (importance) to one of the following options:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


Set a Task’s Completion Status

In the “Edit Task” screen, under “Task Options”, set the status of the task to one of the following options:

  • Not Started
  • In Progress (if using this option, the user can enter the percentage completed

Set a Task Color

In the “Edit Task” screen, under “Task Options”, set the task color to your liking.
After setting all these options, and entering any other requested information, click “Save”.
Once finished, these options will be displayed on the task list.

Assign a Task to Another User

Users can create tasks and assign them to other users to complete.
Begin creating, or editing a task
By default, the name of the logged in user is already displayed as the assignee. Click the drop-down next to “Assignee” to change the username.
Once changed, and the other requested information is entered, click “Save”.
This task will then be listed as assigned to that particular user.

View Tasks 

Users can view their tasks regardless of what status the tasks are in.
Start at the Activities/Task section, or start at the Task section in the matter details of the requested matter
By default, the program automatically lists any pending tasks


In the status field within the search filter there are various options to view

  • All
  • Pending
  • Done
Select the requested option to view the results
Updated on June 18, 2019

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