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Before you begin adding clients and matters, you’ll want to make sure you’ve reviewed the basic settings for your CosmoLex account. Use this quick-start guide to review settings recommended for initial set-up of your CosmoLex account. Other, more advanced settings, can be reviewed at your own pace as needed.

For a list of all of our settings, including descriptions, click here.

Before You Get Started

You can log in to CosmoLex at

To view all settings, start by going to the Set-Up Tab. Use the  next to each setting for on-screen descriptions.

Timekeepers & Matter Owners

First, start by adding your Timekeepers, their rates, and Matter Owners. Click on each item below to view instructions.

Firm Settings

Here is a list of the common firm-wide settings that you’ll want to review before getting started with Cosmolex.

Financial Settings

Billing Settings

Keep in mind that settings suggested here are meant to act as defaults but can be changed as you are recording actions throughout the system. Think of these settings as “most common” scenarios.

  1. Billing Settings
    • Billing Method – set to most common billing method for your firm
  • Misc. Settings
    • Min timer Unit – If you do not want rounding of the billable time recorded, set this to 1.
    • Invoice is due NET – Select the number of days that your invoices are normally due upon. If due upon receipt, type 0 days.

Click Save when completed

Firm Preferences

Various defaults for banking and check printing purposes.

Before you get started with Firm Preferences, make sure to Set Up Your Bank Accounts under the Accounting Tab

  1. Make sure Default Operating and Default Trust banks are correct
  2. Default Timekeeper – select a default timekeeper for the firm. This way, you won’t have to select a timekeeper every time you’re adding a time or expense entry. If you’d like to set up a default timekeeper for individual users, refer to My Settings
  3. Default Matter Owner – select a default matter owner for the firm. If there are multiple lawyers for the firm, you’ll want to keep this blank. If you’d like to set up a default matter owner for an individual user, refer to My Settings
  4. Use Client Name
  5. Use Print Name
  6. Invoice Card Inclusion To Date

Skip to…

  1. Default Check Print
  2. If printing checks, Default Check Style

Skip to…Trust Settings

  1. Trust Retainer Debit Payable To – if you’re printing checks, how would you like the payee to appear when you are paying an invoice from trust? i.e. Law Offices of Erica Birstler

Skip to…

  1. Allow Operating Retainer Transactions

Skip to…Auto Numbering

  1. Auto generate Client Id (Custom)
  2. Auto generate Matter File Number (Custom)

Skip to…Firm Branding

  1. Upload Logo – this logo will appear on your client portal for branding

Skip to…Client Portal

  1. Learn more about the Client Portal
  2. Add a Client Portal Login button to your Firm’s Website

Click Save when completed

eBilling Settings

Only turn on eBilling if your firm requires the use of LEDES Codes Billing. eBilling does not refer to the ability to email invoices.

What is eBilling?

Invoice Settings

Choose Invoice Formats to be used

Click Save when completed

Email Templates

Edit the content of email templates used for emailing invoices, invoice reminders to pay, retainer replenishment requests, and online retainer payment requests

  1. Click on edit next to each template you’d like to change. Make sure not to make changes to items inside of [brackets]. Click save before you close the email template.

Click Save when completed

Firm Information

This information will be printed on invoice headers and various system reports.

  1. Ensure this information appears as you would want it to appear on an invoice or reports.

Click Save when completed

My Settings

Use this section to set common User-Specific Settings, Each user in your firm can log in to their own Cosmolex account to review the suggested settings on this list.

My Preferences

  • Default Timekeeper – select a default timekeeper that can be pre-selected for you when entering time and expenses. This will not affect others in the firm and you can always select another timekeeper from the list
  • Default Matter Owner – select a default matter owner that can be pre-selected for you when creating a matter. This will not affect others in the firm and you can always select another matter owner from the list.


  • Verify that the user settings are correct.
  • The calendar option can be left for later when Integrations are reviewed.


  • Select the number of minutes, after which you would like the application to sign you out automatically.

List Items


Use this section to enable various app integrations for your firm.

LawPay Integration

Why set up your LawPay account?

Calendar Integration

Don’t have Google or Office 365 Calendar? No problem! You can skip this section and use the Cosmolex native calendar.

Document Storage Integration

Don’t have Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive? No problem! You can skip this section and use the Cosmolex native document storage.

Email Integration

Setting up email integration only creates a copy of your emails in Cosmolex. This feature helps with organization, by having your emails tie back to the matters they belong to, and with time tracking and billing if applicable.

Tip for larger firms: This feature can be very helpful if you wish to be able to see all emails for a particular matter in once place, regardless of who in the firm sent or received it!

Getting Started with Legal Accounting

Updated on June 5, 2019

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