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Finalizing Invoices


If you wish to prevent your invoices from being edited, you can choose to finalize your invoice. 
In addition to manually finalizing an invoice, your invoices will also be finalized automatically when payment is applied. In this case, the “finalize” function works to help prevent changes to an invoice that has already been partially or fully paid.
This function is only available to users designated with “admin” access for Invoices. Not sure how to manage this? Learn more about managing user roles and permissions. 

How to Finalize Invoices

1. First, find and view the invoice(s) you’d like to finalize. Learn how to find invoices.

2. Click  Action, then click Finalize Invoices.

3. Check the box next to the invoice(s) you wish to finalize.
4. Click Finalize Selected Invoice(s).
All set! When an invoice is finalized, it will show the  lock icon. This means the invoice cannot currently be edited.
Also note that when a payment is applied to an invoice or the invoice is emailed directly from the software, that invoice will automatically become finalized by the software.
If you wish to make changes on an invoice, follow the same steps to ‘unfinalize’ an invoice. After taking those steps, you will notice an  unlocked icon indicating the invoice can be edited.
Updated on December 17, 2019

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