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Enter Flat Fee Activity for an Hourly Matter


There may be times when you want to enter a task for an hourly matter, but charge a flat fee for the activity as opposed to the hourly rate. 
This is a great tool to use for matters that require a type of ‘hybrid billing’ or if you have a flat fee matter for which you wish to show an itemized list of flat fee tasks on the invoice. 

Enter a Flat Fee Activity

1. From the Matters tab, click once to select your desired matter

2. Click the  Time icon on the right-hand panel

3. Complete your Timecard and change the Rate Type to Flat Fee. Then, change the Rate/Price field to the flat fee amount. (Need more help completing the Timecard? Learn more)

4. When ready, click Save

All set! The Timecard with the Flat Fee entry will be placed with all other time entries made for that matter.

Bill For Flat Fee Entry

You may want to bill the client for this flat fee only. If so, follow these instructions:

1. From the Matters tab, double-click your matter or select your matter and click details

2. Click on the Billing Tab

3. Click on the Invoice Tab, then click Create Invoice

4. Only select the Timecard for your flat fee entry

5.  Click Generate to generate invoice

All set! You have created an invoice for your flat fee entry

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Updated on October 9, 2018

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