Adding a Logo to Your Invoices

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If you would like to add your logo to your invoices, you would do so by editing your header or footer templates.
First, go to Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings tab.

If you are not an admin user, you may be restricted from this area

Next, go to the header template > click “Edit/Preview”
You can remove the fields already there if you plan on adding a custom logo/font.
When ready to add your image, click upload. 

NOTE – The maximum file size you can import is 512 kb.

Browse for the image you would like to add
Once inserted, you can edit the size of the image by dragging the corners of the image. 
Click Save (Top-left) in the template.
To edit the footer template, go to Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings > locate the footer template > click “Edit/Preview”
These template changes come into effect when you Print/View your invoice, so to view your changes simply locate and invoice under Activities and go to Action > Print Invoice (Selected)
If you notice your header or footer is being cut off (you need a wider margin), you can increase your header and footer heights under Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings > Invoice Print Settings > Locate Header/Footer Height

Updated on January 6, 2020

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