Add and Manage Users


You will need user accounts for those who wish to access CosmoLex.

  • Adding additional users will result in an immediate prorated charge & increase your future billing amount (Exception for CosmoLex Accounting Partners)
  • Removing users will add a prorated credit to your account. 

Add a User

  1. When logged into CosmoLex as the Admin user, click Account section
  2. Within that, be sure you are in the user management section > Click User Tab, then click ADD

  3. Complete the First Name, Last Name and Email for this new user. Login ID defaults as the user’s email address
  4. Once complete, click on Settings (Role and Restrictions). The default role is Normal.
    • If you wish to copy the exact role and restrictions from another user, use this option to select the user in which you wish to copy from.
    • If you are not copying over a role, you can select from the predetermined roles provided, each containing their own restrictions. If you wish to create a customized role, locate instructions for that here.
  5. In addition to setting a role, you can apply additional restrictions by Matter Owner or by Timekeeper. With a restriction imposed here, the user will be blocked from viewing any activity regarding the restricted persons. Further down you can also restrict various areas/apps, such as the dashboard, bank level details, reports, calendars, emails, and integrated Apps.

And lastly, you can restrict to view unbilled time/expense only, to view only his/her own activities, or view his/her own tasks only.

Once you have assigned the role and restrictions desired, click Save.
Once saved, your newly added user will receive an email asking them to set up their password. 

Re-Invite a User

When a user is first added, they receive an email so that they may set up their password. However, if the user does not set up their password during the allotted period of time, their link may expire. When this happens, the Admin User can re-invite the user to re-send the password setup email. Follow these steps to re-invite a user:
  1. Go to Account > User
  2. Single-click on the user
  3. Click Action
  4. Select Re-Invite User
  5. Click OK on the confirmation screen

Remove a User

  1. When logged into CosmoLex as the Admin user, you will see the Account Management tab.
  2. Click User Tab
  3. Select the User you would like to remove, and click Delete.

This will not delete the user’s previous entries. However, new entries cannot be made for that person and they will not be able to log in.

Updated on September 17, 2018

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