9.3.1 Update (January 13, 2023)

International format for eBilling, include splits while exporting transactions, and more. 


Splits for Transaction in Export 

When exporting bank transactions using the CSV export format, users now have the ability to include all the split Chart of Accounts for the transaction. 

Lear how to Export Your Data


In addition to the industry-standard eBilling formats LEDES 1998B, 2.0, 2000, and Litigation Advisor, CosmoLex now also supports the LEDES 1998B-International eBilling format known as LEDES 98BI designed to accommodate legal bills created outside of the United States. 

Learn how to Generate an eBill (LEDES 98BI)


  • Reports like Trust Ledger Balance, Trust Ledger Transactions, Three-Way Reconciliation etc. will show the correct Trust balance as of applied date.
  • Users with a US regional setting will be able to add hard cost expense as No Charge billing status.
  • System will display the correct results based on the filter (date, type, amount, etc.) for import transactions. 
  • When linking payment to receive retainer using CosmoLexPay, the Operating screen will display the correct bank after user enters the client matter value.
  • User will be able to add and save Trust transactions without getting an error. 
Updated on January 16, 2023

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