9.0.1 Update (September 30, 2022)

CosmoLex now offers an integrated CRM tool, and more. 


CosmoLex CRM 

Identify your leads and convert them to loyal clients with CosmoLex’s robust CRM tool. The integrated CRM, accessible from within your CosmoLex application can be used to:

  • Connect to prospects via your firm’s web presence 
  • Build robust custom intake forms
  • Request e-Signature
  • Automate tasks like texts and emails for important communication and follow-up
  • Create email drip campaigns 
  • Track marketing source
  • Track leads via intake and marketing dashboards

Learn how to Add CRM to Your Account

eBilling – LEDES1998B 

For LEDES1998B eBilling format, we have now provided the additional field, Client ID textbox under Matter Advanced Settings where you can enter up to 120 alphanumeric characters. When exporting an eBilling file in LEDES1998B format, the system will use the Client ID entered by you. If you do not enter a Client ID, the system will use the Client Id assigned to the contact.


To prevent errors while making payment using invoice payment link, website payment link, or trust retainer link through CosmoLexPay, when users click the REVIEW button, they will be informed about any missing or incorrect value.


  • Any whitespaces entered in the Conflict Check search field will be ignored and the system will bring up the correct result.
  • User will no longer receive an error when removing options from drop-down type custom fields if the selected option is associated with deleted matter only. 
  • General Ledger report will display payee name assigned to transaction process via Bank Feed.
  • Users can now add payee name to import transactions if the payee name was not provided during the import.  
  • User will be notified if an existing active timekeeper has the same name as any other timekeeper (active or inactive).
  • Updating a memo for posted, cleared, or reconciled transactions in the bank account, will not override any itemized description on line items in the split.
  • A user in a custom role copied from the Normal role will be able to run a Conflict Check without getting an error message.
  • Data will display without delay when user navigates to different tabs on the bank reconciliation screen.
  • User will be able to print checks without getting an error.
  • User will no longer receive an error adding hard cost expense using shortcut key or from the banking area.
Updated on September 30, 2022

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