8.9.3 Update (September 23, 2022)

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New invoice template fields and more.


We have added four new invoice template fields which can be used for the invoice templates of any billing method :

  1. [#TotalInvoicePayments#]
        1. This field will include any/all payment made on receivables for selected matter through any source (Operating Retainer, Trust Retainer, direct payments).
        2. Total Payments for life of Matter – sum total of all invoice payments made on the matter since it was opened.
  1. [#TotalAmountBilled#] This field will calculate total of all the invoices billed. Total Billed for life of Matter – sum total of all items billed to the client  for the matter since it was opened.
  2. [#TotalTrustDeposits#] This field will calculate total deposits made in matter’s trust banks till date when you print an invoice. Total will include value of all the trust banks. Total Trust Payments for life of Matter. Matter – sum total of all trust deposits made on the matter since it was opened.
  3. [#TotalTrustWithdrawals#] This field will calculate total withdrawal from all the trust bank associated with matter. Total Trust Withdrawals for life of Matter – sum total of all trust withdrawals made for the matter since it was opened.

To learn more, see Invoice and Letter Template Fields


  • User will receive an error when changing the billing method from hourly to fixed fee/contingency for a matter that has a No Charge timecard.
  •  If the CosmoLex account integrated with Dropbox document app is authenticated, user will not receive a prompt to reauthenticate.
  • Bank feed transaction will now reflect the Chart of Account associated with the selected payee.
  • If the setting “Show warning when expense doesn’t include tax” is set to Yes in Setup > Firm Setting > Firm Preferences, a warning will display while processing saving bank feed transactions with no tax allocated.
  • When entering a hard cost, user can choose from the drop-down a billing status different from the default.
  • The eBilling task codes will display in the description column for eBilling enabled matter invoices.
Updated on September 26, 2022

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