8.7.1 Update (July 30, 2022)

New and improved hard cost workflow and a better withdrawal screen.


Multi-Split Hard Cost 

With the improved hard cost workflow, CosmoLex users can now:

  • Take a transaction paid by the firm and split the reimbursement across multiple matters and/or the firm
  • Edit an unbilled hard cost from the transaction area, enabling them to add, remove, unlink or edit unbilled expense items as long as the remaining balance equals 0.00​

The improved withdrawal screen allows users to:

  • View ​account splits and class assignment within the transaction window
  • Credit and debit columns have now been simplified to one Amount column
  • Split descriptions show on the General Ledger report​

Watch our user webinar below to learn more about the changes in the workflow.

For additional information see:


  • If a matter’s trust balance is negative, user will not be able to inactivate the trust bank.
  • Check amount will display above the payee name when printing a check using the Stub Stub Check voucher format.
  • While printing a check, using the change transaction date to today’s date feature will update the transaction date in bank and reports.
  • User can now see a list of all the clients when using the Print Client Statement and Invoice feature.
  • User will no longer receive an error when editing and saving bank name.
  • Administrator will no longer receive an error when editing Calendar events and Tasks of other users.
Updated on August 1, 2022

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